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Strange Horizons

Venus Witch’s Ring

Venus Witch’s Ring (Podcast Version)



Here are some links to websites and blogs featuring my writing:

A Black Girl Who Loves “White Folks” Music (Reprint)

Bitch Flicks
‘Love Jones’: The Soundtrack of the Neo-Soul Generation

Black Girl Nerds
A Black Woman Who Loves “White Folks” Music
Meteor Man: Will There Ever Be Another Black Superhero?

Blackberry, A Magazine
Ma Jeunesse Fout Le Camp

The Butter (The Toast)
Wave My Freak Flag High: Afrofuturism, Imagination and the Imposter Syndrome

Claire of the Sea Light by Edwidge Danticat

The Chromatic Life

Chillin In Inda’s Corner (audio)


Cinemosity 157 – Head (The Monkees) (audio)

Comatose Podcast

“Anxiety” (audio) – Episode 74

The Establishment

Why ‘Luke Cage’ Matters

Fireside Magazine

Fireside #BlackSpecFic Report Response

For Harriet
Do What You Can: Fighting Back with a Weary Spirit
#BlackLivesMatter Means We Must Talk About Sexual Violence Too
Stop Ridiculing Black Women for Being Single

How Gendering Respectability Politics Ultimately Harms Black Women

Beyond R&B: 7 Black Women Fronting Rock Bands That You Should Know

Television Networks Love Our Ratings Power, But They Don’t Love Us

“I Am Not Yours”: Respecting Black Women’s Agency

A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Important Gender and Sexuality Terms

How the 2014-2015 TV Season Had White People in Their Feelings

13 Lies We Tell About Rape and Sexual Assault

The Issue with the Perceived “Whiteness” of Being an Alternative Black Girl

5 NPR Tiny Desk Concerts You Should Watch During #BlackMusicMonth

Black Girls Aren’t Abused, Raped or Murdered Because They’re “Rebellious” or “Fast”

Black People Are Not Safe Anywhere in America

Bristol Reminds Us: Shaming Women and Policing Their Bodies Doesn’t Work

Not All of Our Public Figures Need to Speak Out About Social Issues

Dear Taylor Swift: If Your Feminism Ain’t Intersectional, It Ain’t Sh*t

Reflections on Embracing Your Inner #CarefreeBlackGirl in Your 30s and Beyond

How One Filmmaker and Katrina Survivor Continues the Fight for New Orleans

What Are We Celebrating?: What Everyone Should Know About Intersectionality and History

Parallels and Transitions

It’s Lit in Color

Episode 4 – Inda Lauryn (audio)

Nerdgasm Noire Network
We Usually Have to Racebend for This Cast (audio of panel at Wiscon 38)

Nerdgasm Noire Network 185: Interview with Inda Lauryn (audio)

Sleepy Hollow’s Casting Announcement Shows Its Priorities… And Its Failures

Nerdgasm Noire Network 238: Drink Psychic (audio)

The Learned Fangirl

“My Identity Isn’t a Brand”: Nerdgasm Noire Network’s Example of Subversive Black Geek Podcasting

Pop Culture “Comfort Food” for  Difficult Times

Older Black Women in Romantic Relationships on Television

Underground, Everfair, and AfroRetroFuturism

Is The End Near for the New Golden Age of Black Television?

Lost Legacies: Gloria and Her Daughters


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men who cook for umoja2


These 5 Podcasts Led by Black Women Keep Me Company… And Give Me Life

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