Inda’s Corner: No More Ugly Friends

Even though I’ve spent much of my life as a loner, I’ve become more aware of the importance of having a reliable community of people around me as I’ve grown older. I’ve talked with friends about things like communes for us single, childless folx so that we’re not alone as we age and have people around us with common interests who can take care of each other. I’ve also thought more about immediate needs of human contact and just someone to share experiences with. Yet still, there are so many things that I continue to parse about adult friendships and why I still find it so hard to make new friends in my older age and very often worry about keeping the ones I have.


Inda’s Corner 21: The Day the World Turned Day Glo (1978)


I’m a music junkie. And therefore, I wanted to focus on what means most to me in this world as I reflect on the year of my birth. While when it comes to older music, classics and such, I gravitate more to the 60s, the 70s had some great things going for it music-wise. And yes I include disco and the burgeoning electronic dance music scene that would grow from underground scenes in Chicago, Detroit, and the wider Midwest throughout the 80s.

Inda’s Corner 20: Random Thoughts on Sandra, Solange, and Terence… and Creativity

I can’t help but let my mind wander that afternoon. I need noise. Sometimes any background noise will do, and as much as I like podcasts and music, it’s relatively easy to find background noise. But on this Sunday afternoon while you need noise to deep condition your hair, you’re all out of podcasts on your podcatcher. So for some reason, you decide to listen to an album you’ve only listened to once before and found it actually pretty good. I go into my music library and cue up Solange’s A Seat at the Table.

Inda’s Corner | Black Girls Do It Better: Aretha Franklin Edition

As a music lover, I’ve often thought about Aretha Franklin’s impact, the good and bad that came with her mind-blowing almost six-decade career. I think about how much I knew about her and what I didn’t know until August 16, 2018, the day of her passing. But most of all, I think about how she more than anyone exemplified how vocalists indeed are among some of our finest musical geniuses. Because Aretha was indeed a genius in every sense of the word. And she made sure we acknowledged this in her lifetime.

Inda’s Corner: Inda’s Music Time Machine – 1998 Edition

It’s time for another edition of Inda’s Music Time Machine. This time, I’m looking back to that year in my life that saw me ending my first year of undergrad and beginning the second. With a summer spent in my hometown for an internship at my local newspaper. Yes, it’s 1998.