Soaked in Cinnamon

New Etsy Home for Soaked in Cinnamon: A City Witch Finds Healing

Hello all. If you’ve been following me then you know that I’ve had a zine, Soaked in Cinnamon: A City Witch Finds Healing, available for the past couple of months. I’d planned to stop doing daily plugs at the end of the year, but I need to change one as well. I’m happy to announce that the zine will be exclusively available through Se’mana Thompson’s (@mysterygirl-moongirl) Queer Indigenous Girl Etsy shop.

I cannot express how proud I am to have my work alongside Se’mana’s. They’ve been doing incredible work in zines and activism in Indigenous communities and other communities of color, especially with QTPOC. Their belief in my work leaves me in awe and I hope it helps make a contribution to their shop.

So if you are interested in the zine, it will be exclusively at the Queer Indigenous Girl shop for now. Of course, this comes with a price hike, but you can also get physical copies if you prefer. However, I want to urge you to also buy Se’mana’s work and the zines their children created. I wrote a bit about the first issue of QIG at the blog, but I plan to write a little more about it when I do another blog post to catch up on my reading. Also, I not only want to urge you to purchase the zines but also to consider contributing to future issues of QIG when Semana makes a call for written and artistic contributions. The work they does on behalf of queer POC and POC dealing with mental illness and disabilities is essential and deserves more attention.

Wow I guess you can see now why I’m a bit overwhelmed to be included in this amazing circle of work. Hopefully, you’ll find me worthy of such great company. So for now, I’ll just thank Se’mana for their partnership and encourage you to check out what they are building with QIG!

soaked in cinnamon cover image