Autumn Equinox 2021

Once again, we are in the midst of an autumn of uncertainty and hope for brighter days as they get shorter and colder. But we’ll make it through again. In the meantime, grab your favorite cardigans and warm drinks and take some time to relax.

WFMU Playlist

Guess what, everyone? I recently curated a playlist for WFMU’s Radio Row! In the spirit of the Black Swan Collective with some of the women and femmes I have enjoyed this year. If you were unable to tune into the show, you can find it on the station’s archives. I hope you enjoy.

Happy Prince Day – Celebrating BlackFemGenius

It’s been five years since we lost His Royal Badness and his birthday has unofficially been declared Prince Day by fans. Over here, we’ve turned that day into the Afrofuturism showcase. However, we’ll do things differently from now on. With the end of The Black Swan Collective, we don’t do a regular show anymore, so on days such as this, we’ll offer playlists celebrating BlackFemGenius, Black women music artists Prince would have appreciated or show that same flare for creativity on their own terms. And quite frankly just women I like. And to kick it off, today we have a supersize show of some of the women featured over the years. So please enjoy the music and celebrate these artists while they’re still here.

CSP Presents The Black Swan Collective: Farewell Until Next Time

Six years ago, I began this show inspired by the Black Lily to create a space to feature indie Black women in music in all genres and styles. And throughout these six years, I’ve had a lot of fun getting to know these artists and revisiting some of my favorites. But now it’s time to let go of the regular show. I’ll occasionally curate playlists when I feel the need, but I’ll be abandoning the radio format. So for now, on the occasion of Imani Coppola’s birthday and unofficial show anniversary, we’re having a small birthday/anniversary party featuring a handful of the artists I’ve enjoyed acquainting myself with over the years, beginning with the track heard every show but without my voice to annoy you. Until next time, farewell.