I’ve been thinking a lot about the corner store and what it has meant in my life. I grew up across the street from one when I was child. It was more than a place where we could get groceries or afternoon snacks. People from the neighborhood would gather at the store and sit around for hours just to gossip or hang out. This is what I had in mind when I thought of the name Corner Store Press. I want to create an environment where friends have a safe space to discuss the issues that mean something to us. I want to foster and nurture my creativity as well as the creativity of others. Also, I have lots of interests, so I plan to cater to them all, but I want to focus mostly on music and showcase artists I love and “discover.” In a way, I want this to be an extension of my intentions with the Black Swan Artist Collective. We may be day late and a dollar short here, but you will eventually get what you need.

So much happens in the world of black geekdom, popular culture and social justice news from around the world. This space is for keeping up with the blogosphere, current events, popular culture news and anything else trending for the day.  As a music fan, I sometimes tend to make my own mixes and upload them to Mixcloud. I plan to share those mixes and other cool stuff including where to find free downloads and news on awesome music artists here.

I LOVE promoting other artists, especially black women I feel do not get the attention they deserve. This space is devoted to them. Look for music reviews, opinion pieces, profiles and other good stuff from some amazing artists.

One of the things I have noticed, but people do not like to discuss, is that it takes a lot of financing to be a “true” geek. Well, as a self-proclaimed geek (or nerd if preferred), I know I don’t always have the funds to partake in the things I actually enjoy, hence the reason I may be a day late and a dollar short. I have decided to devote this little corner to discussions of the working class geek. Yes, we exist and we aim to be heard.

EDIT: It’s been a while since I updated this page. My vision for this space has not changed, but I have gotten involved in a few other ventures since its inception. For instance, I am half of the podcast duo Black Girl Squee with Didi Jenning. I have also started a music podcast called The Black Swan Collective. I recently got an upgrade in audio editing software, so I plan to do more audio documentaries and pieces.

I also have a Black Feminist Apocalypse/Dystopian Survival Syllabus given these times. I accept all suggestions that have direct action plans. If you would like to help me out personally as I fulfill any of these projects, please see my Contributions page.

corner store creative commons license

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