Inda’s Corner: Hal Ashby’s Coming Home

Coming Home is the story of Sally Hyde and Luke Martin, Sally the wife of a Marine who has just been sent off to Vietnam and Luke a veteran whose experience in the war has left him paralyzed. Even though the film takes place in 1968, Sally is the perfect example of the ideal American housewife that we think of from the 1950s, making her entire life around her husband Bob. However, when he leaves, she goes to volunteer at a veteran’s hospital even though she knows Bob would not approve. There she reconnects with her high school classmate Luke.

This past February marked 40 years since Coming Home‘s release. Definitely time for a reflection on it and the effect it’s had on me, especially since I finally saw it all uncut since those days before TCM aired films “uncut and commercial free.” This film was the one that made Hal Ashby my favorite American filmmaker for years.