Inda’s Corner: A Requiem for Gayl’s Healing

Before I begin this episode, I must warn that there are possible spoilers throughout the essay. And also a content warning for some discussion of assault and possible domestic violence.

I rediscovered something from the favorite author – and also realized Kindred was no longer my favorite book. The Healing was, even more so than Corregidora. As I said, I still feel the same way about both these books, about the protagonists Ursa and Dana whose worlds were brought to life so beautifully in these works. But with The Healing, I began to figure out what it was I loved about Jones and why I felt drawn to her, why she felt like the writing foremother I needed to continue on my own journey. And so now, 20 years after the release of The Healing, I want to pay tribute to Jones and this work of hers that has become a guide for something I want in life as well as my goals as a writer.