It Wasn’t All Bad: Music That Got Us Through 2016


No matter how we feel about arbitrary time markers, we have to admit that this year did too much too fast. An absolute bullshit of a year determined to make us mourn every little thing we ever held near and dear to us. This isn’t to say this year didn’t offer us a few gems. It did. While some of us are still wounded by the loss of knowing we’ll never get new music from a few legends, we’re still celebrating some amazing music we got this year. Here are a few tracks and artists who made this year just a little more bearable.


3 thoughts on “It Wasn’t All Bad: Music That Got Us Through 2016

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    Inda’s right, it wasn’t all bad. I mean, it was mostly bad but the music rocked from beginning to end! And a lot of it was made by brilliant Black women. So get into Inda’s end of year mix as we countdown to 2017.

  2. The music truly was the saving grace of this shit year. Although we did get some good shows as well. Namely, Ungerground, The Get Down, & Queen Sugar just to name a few. Oh and Black women shut the shit down this is, as per usual.

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