BGS 24’s Visual Guide to #DWIDP

Yeah I can’t stop looking at it, so I want it on my blog now too… coz of reasons…


Episode 24 of Black Girl Squee was beset by technical difficulties. But you can still get your squee on if you dare to listen!

This time we talked about the Olympics some more, the restoration and re-release of Daughters of the Dust,  new music from Syd (tha Kid) and a new video from Santigold. We delivered a fade to the internet trolls and hackers trying to steal Leslie Jones’ joy (Spoiler: You Failed!). And Inda hit us with a very relevant Womanist Vocab term.

But later for all that, right? What about Dat Print (TM)?

Inda’s choice for DWIDP is actor, Sean Baek. You can see him now on SyFy’s Killjoys where he plays a bounty hunter in space called Fancy Lee. Here’s why they call him Fancy.

Oh my. Inda’s a fan of Mr. Baek with that lovely beard. But trust, he looks damn good without it too!


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