30 Days of #BlackFemGenius: Sports Edition

I’m starting to fear that people are getting tired of me and these little challenges, so I’ve decided that these next 30 days will be the last. Since the Olympics will take place in August, I will dedicate these last set of challenges to sports.

1. Name a #BlackFemGenius who coaches a professional team.

2. Name a #BlackFemGenius who coaches college sports.

3. Name a #BlackFemGenius who works as a sportscaster.

4. Name a #BlackFemGenius who set a record in professional basketball.

5. Name a #BlackFemGenius who plays golf.

6. Name a #BlackFemGenius who plays xtreme sports.

7. Name a #BlackFemGenius who heads an organization for girls in sports.

8. Name a #BlackFemGenius who has a prominent position in the NFL.

9. Name a #BlackFemGenius who has appeared in ESPN’s Body Issue.

10. Name a #BlackFemGenius who plays lacrosse.

11. Name a #BlackFemGenius who plays overseas (American or not).

12. Name a #BlackFemGenius in boxing.

13. Name a #BlackFemGenius in swimming.

14. Name a #BlackFemGenius who has won an Olympic medal.

15. Name a #BlackFemGenius in gymnastics.

16. Name a #BlackFemGenius in figure skating.

17. Name a #BlackFemGenius who represents an unconventional body size in athletics.

18. Name a #BlackFemGenius who participates in the Special Olympics.

19. Name a #BlackFemGenius in any running sport.

20. Name a #BlackFemGenius in any vehicle racing sport.

21. Name a #BlackFemGenius who got a major endorsement from her athletic prowess.

22. Name a #BlackFemGenius in fencing.

23. Name a #BlackFemGenius who uses her sports platform to address social justice.

24. Name a #BlackFemGenius with a sports video (or other) game in her name.

25. Name a #BlackFemGenius in sports who has appeared in a film.

26. Name a #BlackFemGenius in sports who has received an honor from the White House.

27. Name a #BlackFemGenius who broke barriers in her sport.

28. Name a #BlackFemGenius in tennis. (Yes you can name Serena.)

29. Name a #BlackFemGenius in sports who inspires you in your sport.

30. Name your favorite #BlackFemeGenius in sports!