Uncompromised (Tentative Title): A Teaser

Lisa and Danny are back! Here’s a brief teaser from the upcoming novella, tentatively entitled Uncompromised:

Barely 15 minutes later, Lisa sat with the woman who had been her best friend since she first moved to this place almost eight years ago. She had made other friends in town, but Jocelyn was the only one she trusted with the real reason her marriage to Danny had become estranged. To anyone else, she had had an affair and decided the marriage was beyond repair if she took things that far. Never mind the affair had been emotional, never physical. It was still an affair. But she had told Jocelyn the whole sordid story a couple of months after they met and connected over their mutual love of fruit flavored wine.

        Jocelyn didn’t recoil in horror as Lisa expected or make an excuse to leave and cut off all contact. Instead, she said, “Are you okay now?”

        Lisa gave a sigh of relief before answering, “I’m fine. It’s not that I’m afraid of him. Just frustrated that he’s being so stubborn. I don’t see what we have to save if he did this. I know I’ll always love him to some degree and he’s all I’ve known, but maybe it’s time to let go.”

        Jocelyn patted Lisa’s hand in a soothing gesture. “When you’re ready, you just have to tell him that.”

        From that day forward, Lisa forged the type of friendship with Jocelyn she had always wanted. They talked about everything from The Real Housewives from Big City Land to local political scandals. They double dated and watched out for each other on solo dates. Jocelyn invited Lisa to work functions at the art gallery where she worked as a curator and Lisa helped her find leads on shows or programs the gallery might acquire. They were the perfect pair.

        So Lisa knew Jocelyn would not hesitate to come over at nearly midnight when she called in a panic over the one messy spot in her life.

        “You mean he’s actually here ̶ like in town?”

        Lisa nodded as she placed the tray with the tea and coffee on the table in front of Jocelyn, busy with Lisa’s laptop. She found the playlist she wanted and set it as Lisa sat beside her on the loveseat.

        “I’m so sorry to call this late, but he just showed up unexpectedly. He’s never come here before.”

        “Don’t worry about it. Thought you were having a nightmare at first but him showing up, I can see why you panicked.”

        “No I’m not afraid. I’m… I’m overwhelmed.”

        Jocelyn sipped at her coffee while Lisa got just the right proportions of sugar and milk for her tea.

        “We left things open when I left last time,” Lisa said. “I used to write him at least twice a year to ask for some type of compromise, something to make him finally sign the papers. He ignored me every time. I haven’t sent him anything since I saw him last time. I just hoped he eventually come around and agree. But maybe he took my silence as relenting.”

        “How could he take you not bothering with him as a sign he still had a chance.”

        Lisa absently stirred at her tea. “Well, that’s not exactly the only sign he got.”

        Lisa felt rather than saw the realization come over Jocelyn’s face. “Last time you were there, you slept with him didn’t you?”

        She had never told Jocelyn that part. “He was just… and I was… all these old feelings came back and it was just as good as it had always been.”

        Lisa looked at Jocelyn with her best puppy dog expression hoping to avoid her best friend’s judgment. She found none in Jocelyn’s eyes but did see a bit of amusement.

        Jocelyn asked, “Seriously, is the dick really that damn good it’s got you losing your everloving mind?”

        “It’s not just the dick, girl,” Lisa said, suddenly animated. “He used every part of his body to please every part of mine. His hands, his tongue… I mean he was always generous. Always. And he didn’t slack on that end after we’d been together a while. He actually cared that I got mine every time and it was fun trying to do the same for him.”

        Jocelyn’s snicker told Lisa her friend knew she was lost.

        “Of course, it’s not just the sex,” Lisa continued. “I know from what I told you that you think he’s a horrible person, but it’s not cut and dried. His love for me is genuine. It’s not like he’s trying to keep me because he wants someone to control. He doesn’t think he’ll do any better. Do you know what it’s like for someone to feel that you’re the best for them? I never thought that would be me.”

        Jocelyn’s face softened to understanding. “Look I just want you to be safe. You said you’re sure he wouldn’t hurt you and he never has, so I’ll take your word for that. But if you decide to pursue things with him, be careful. People change, Lisa. You need to make sure he’s still that man you fell in love with when you were 17.”

        Lisa set down her tea cup, curling her lips inward as if trying to prevent words from coming out before speaking slowly, methodically.

        “It’s not just that. There’s a little something else that could be a problem here.”

        “Really. What?”



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