10 Music Videos by Black Women Giving Me Life

It’s been years since I’ve been inundated daily with music videos, mostly because I have to look for them now rather than having them readily available as I once had. However, in the past couple of weeks, I’ve found several music videos by Black women artists that redeemed my faith in music video as a valid artform. Since I like to share, here they are.

Adia Victoria – “Dead Eyes”

Adia Victoria is my goth(ic) sistren in my head. I was ecstatic to learn she made her network television debut on Colbert’s show this past week. So I checked out the official video for “Dead Eyes” and remembered what I loved about her when I listened to her first EP and latched on to “Howling Shame.”


Amy Leon – “Burning in Birmingham”

I found Amy Leon on the blackrockandrollmusic site on Tumblr. (And she inspired this list.) Amy just released this video within the past couple of weeks. It’s like a powerful meditation on the Civil Rights Movement and the centrality of the Black Church during that time, all told with Black women and girls. This past is so relevant to our current reality.



Bibi Bourelly – “Riot”

I’m still in love with Bibi Bourelly’s video “Sally” and she didn’t disappoint with this incredible video for her new single “Riot.” Bibi ain’t here to fuck around and I’m glad to see that she’s remaining so true to her vision of presenting herself and her work on her own terms.



Jamila Woods – “Blk Girl Soldier”

I’ve been in love with this single since I featured it on the BSC months ago. However, the video got me as the camera zooms out of a closeup of Jamila to show the two little girls at her side. It only keeps getting better from there, giving us the #BlackGirlMagic anthem we need for the summer.



Kamara Thomas – “Oh Gallows”

The use of whiteface on the white background (accented with starkly colored clothing) gives this one an eerie feel. However, it felt appropriate to feature at the end of this week’s show as it is a soothing track with a much deeper meaning when the lyrics come into play. Kamara directed and produced this one herself.



Kelsey Lu – “Dreams”

Kelsey Lu has been on my radar since her single “Morning After Coffee” dropped a few months ago. I loved the visuals for that one and see that she keeps developing strong visual elements for her music. She reminds me of Maya Deren in her style and execution.



Laura Mvula – “Phenomenal Woman”/ “Show Me Love”

Laura Mvula makes earth look like a mystical dream, a myth only existent in the furthest reaches of the imagination. I really want my life to be a Laura Mvula video. She has been on point from “That’s Alright” and “Green Garden” to “Overcome” and keeps delivering unabashed female blackness with all her work. So here’s a double entry from the incredible Ms. Mvula.




Mem Nahadr – “On My Merry Way”

I’ve been enchanted with Mem’s voice since featuring “Passages” on the show. Now it’s great to see visuals with her work, the type of video I commonly saw in the 90s featuring everyday blackness. Showing a world with family and friends with the city as a backdrop. All set to Mem’s beautiful voice.



Sate – “Feel”

Despite a few images of civil unrest throughout the video, “Feel” is actually on my list of videos that send me to a happy place. So much blackness and so much acknowledgement of how that blackness has evolved and reinvented itself over the years. Seriously, she had me at Jimi, then kept me at Prince and Tina.