30 Days of #BlackFemGenius – STEM Edition


So 30 Days of #BlackFemGenius fashion didn’t go over too well. Either y’all are sick of me and this hashtag or we just don’t know too many women who made strides in fashion. I’m thinking it’s more of the latter because y’all don’t pay me too much mind anyway 😉 However, I want to change the pace and go with 30 days of STEM, particularly with the excitement surrounding the upcoming film Hidden Figures. So here are the challenges for the next 30 days.

  1. Name a #BlackFemGenius who made strides with space travel.
  2. Name a #BlackFemGenius who pioneered in mathematics.
  3. Name a #BlackFemGenius who has a program to get Black girls involved in STEM.
  4. Name a #BlackFemGenius who pioneered in engineering.
  5. Name a #BlackFemGenius in astronomy.
  6. Name a #BlackFemGenius who specializes in coding.
  7. Name a #BlackFemGenius who takes an interdisciplinary approach to her STEM practice.
  8. Name a #BlackFemGenius who has won a major prize in a STEM discipline.
  9. Name a #BlackFemGenius who pioneered computer technology.
  10. Name a #BlackFemGenius who teaches in STEM.
  11. Name a #BlackFemGenius who is a public figure for STEM issues.
  12. Name a #BlackFemGenius who works in infrastructure (civil engineering).
  13. Name a #BlackFemGenius who created an app.
  14. Name a #BlackFemGenius in computer engineering.
  15. Name a #BlackFemGenius who developed a social media outlet.
  16. Name a #BlackFemGenius who developed life-changing technology.
  17. Name a #BlackFemGenius who consults on STEM issues.
  18. Name a #BlackFemGenius who mastered a mathematics technique.
  19. Name a #BlackFemGenius in astrophysics.
  20. Name a #BlackFemGenius in IT.
  21. Name a #BlackFemGenius in chemistry.
  22. Name a #BlackFemGenius in chemical engineering.
  23. Name a #BlackFemGenius in trigonometry.
  24. Name a #BlackFemGenius who develops algorithms for any industry.
  25. Name a #BlackFemGenius who heads a department/division for a school of higher ed.
  26. Name a #BlackFemGenius who focuses on issues with food production.
  27. Name a #BlackFemGenius who uses STEM in any area of activism.
  28. Name a #BlackFemGenius in STEM under the age of 18.
  29. Name a #BlackFemGenius in mechanical engineering.
  30. Name your favorite #BlackFemGenius in STEM.