30 Days of #BlackFemGenius: Fashion Edition

Taking a turn this time and focusing on #BlackFemGenius in fashion and beauty.

  1. Name a #BlackFemGenius who designs her own clothing line.
  2. Name a #BlackFemGenius who created her own makeup line Black women/WOC.
  3. Name a #BlackFemGenius who broke barriers on the runway.
  4. Name a #BlackFemGenius who does costume design for the screen or stage.
  5. Name a #BlackFemGenius who doesn’t fit conventional model standards.
  6. Name a #BlackFemGenius who designs clothing for plus sizes.
  7. Name a #BlackFemGenius who defied gender expectations on the runway or in her designs.
  8. Name a #BlackFemGenius who has designed her own runway show.
  9. Name a #BlackFemGenius who leads a house of design.
  10. Name a #BlackFemGenius who became an entrepreneur after or while modeling.
  11. Name a #BlackFemGenius who launched a line of hair care products for Black women.
  12. Name a #BlackFemGenius with a line of skin care products.
  13. Name a #BlackFemGenius who styles celebrities.
  14. Name a non-American #BlackFemGenius who works in fashion.
  15. Name a trans #BlackFemGenius who is a style icon.
  16. Name a #BlackFemGenius who works in men’s fashion.
  17. Name a #BlackFemGenius in nail art.
  18. Name a #BlackFemGenius who rocks an “alternative” style.
  19. Name a #BlackFemGenius with an afro-goth style.
  20. Name a #BlackFemGenius who sets trends in style.
  21. Name a #BlackFemGenius who makes fashion accessible in retail outlets.
  22. Name a #BlackFemGenius who specializes in accessories.
  23. Name a #BlackFemGenius who makes jewelry.
  24. Name a #BlackFemGenius who has been the face of a major beauty campaign.
  25. Name a #BlackFemGenius who promotes body diversity in fashion.
  26. Name a #BlackFemGenius who specializes in natural hair styles and products.
  27. Name a #BlackFemGenius who started her own cosmetics company.
  28. Name your favorite #BlackFemGenius in hair.
  29. Name your favorite #BlackFemGenius in clothing.
  30. Name your favorite #BlackFemGenius in cosmetics/makeup.