30 Days of #BlackFemGenius: Film Edition

For the next 30 days, we will focus on film. This includes women in front of the camera and behind it and conceiving films and helping them come to fruition. Here are the 30 challenges:

  1. Name a #BlackFemGenius who directs film.
  2. Name a #BlackFemGenius who made forward moves with LGBTQ representations.
  3. Name a #BlackFemGenius who produces films.
  4. Name a #BlackFemGenius who works as an industry player.
  5. Name a #BlackFemGenius who made a great short film.
  6. Name a #BlackFemGenius who made a low-budget classic.
  7. Name a #BlackFemGenius who acted in a good UK show.
  8. Name a #BlackFemGenius who acts in foreign language films.
  9. Name a #BlackFemGenius who writes screenplays or scripts.
  10. Name a #BlackFemGenius who works mostly as a character actress.
  11. Name a #BlackFemGenius of trans experience in film.
  12. Name a #BlackFemGenius who brought glamour to her film representation.
  13. Name a #BlackFemGenius in scifi films.
  14. Name a #BlackFemGenius who wears multiple hats in the film process.
  15. Name a #BlackFemGenius in romance films.
  16. Name a #BlackFemGenius who left the US to work in films.
  17. Name a #BlackFemGenius in horror films.
  18. Name a #BlackFemGenius who works in film and on the stage.
  19. Name a #BlackFemGenius in comedy films.
  20. Name a #BlackFemGenius who began as a child actress in film.
  21. Name a #BlackFemGenius in musical films.
  22. Name a #BlackFemGenius who makes documentaries.
  23. Name a #BlackFemGenius in a biopic.
  24. Name a #BlackFemGenius who makes experimental films.
  25. Name a #BlackFemGenius in Nollywood.
  26. Name a #BlackFemGenius who is a sex symbol onscreen.
  27. Name a #BlackFemGenius who directed a non-American film.
  28. Name a #BlackFemGenius who directed or starred in a coming of age film.
  29. Name a #BlackFemGenius who played a hero or anti-hero in a film.
  30. Name your favorite #BlackFemGenius in film!