30-Day #BlackFemGenius Challenges

If you listened to the latest episode of @blackgirlsquee then you know the topic was Black women geniuses. We discussed several Black women in music more than deserving of that title but rarely get acknowledged as such.

However, Didi posed a question to me toward the end of the discussion: what can we do to help our Black women geniuses get the recognition (and exposure) they deserve?

I’ve decided to do my part. You all know I am planning an extension of the Black Swan Collective, but in the meantime, I’ll be issuing a series of 30-Day Challenges for Black Women Geniuses in various areas of art and activism. I want to kick off the #BlackFemGenius hashtag on Monday January 25th.

Of course, I’ll start with music, but following challenges will include other areas such as writing, film, painting, sculpture, mixed media, fashion, theatre, photography, dancing, comics, activism, etc. Each day I’ll post a challenge and try to offer at least one or two examples. I want to focus mostly on women who do not get as much mainstream shine.

I’ll be posting all 30 questions in advance. I mean this ain’t no quiz right 😉

So please use the #BlackFemGenius hashtag so we can keep the discussion going and maybe even introduce these women to a wider audience. Please feel free to post answers on your own blogs and create wider discussions about these women.

Here are the challenges for the first 30 days in music, so get your answers ready!

  1. Name a #BlackFemGenius whose music helped you get through a tough time.
  2. Name a #BlackFemGenius in music located outside the US.
  3. Name a #BlackFemGenius in music of trans experience.
  4. Name a queer #BlackFemGenius in music.
  5. Name a #BlackFemGenius who pioneered her area of music.
  6. Name a #BlackFemGenius who DJs.
  7. Name a #BlackFemGenius who produces music for herself and/or others.
  8. Name a #BlackFemGenius girl group.
  9. Name a #BlackFemGenius who performs in different genres.
  10. Name a #BlackFemGenius who defies/blends genres.
  11. Name a #BlackFemGenius who masters re-interpretation.
  12. Name a #BlackFemGenius who reinvented herself.
  13. Name a #BlackFemGenius who plays at least one instrument.
  14. Name a #BlackFemGenius in punk.
  15. Name a #BlackFemGenius in country.
  16. Name a #BlackFemGenius in classical or opera.
  17. Name a #BlackFemGenius in an interracial band or duo.
  18. Name a #BlackFemGenius who sings in a language other than English.
  19. Name a #BlackFemGenius with a unique visual presentation or challenges visual representations of Black women in music.
  20. Name a #BlackFemGenius who performs in musical theatre.
  21. Name a #BlackFemGenius in afrofuturism.
  22. Name a #BlackFemGenius who composes for film.
  23. Name a #BlackFemGenius who works as a musical director for stage and/or screen.
  24. Name a #BlackFemGenius who helped you overcome respectability politics.
  25. Name a #BlackFemGenius known primarily as a background singer.
  26. Name a #BlackFemGenius part of a good performer/producer team.
  27. Name a #BlackFemGenius of genderqueer/nonbinary experience.
  28. Name a #BlackFemGenius who wrote the soundtrack of your life.
  29. Name an upcoming #BlackFemGenius in music.
  30. Name your favorite #BlackFemGenius in music!



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