“Compromised” Novella Set for Release Jan. 15th

As many of you know I sometimes like to write the things. So I will be releasing a novella, Compromised, available on Kindle this Friday on Jan. 15th, 2016. Here is a brief synopsis:

Lisa and Danny found a strong connection when they met as teens and turned that connection into a relationship that saved them both. Until it fell apart when the past came calling. Their tumultuous history binds them as well as separates them. Years later, that past may bring them back together or drive them further apart for good.

Since I am also learning to make face claims, I chose two for Lisa and Danny:


Emayatzi Corinealdi and Brian Tee

And for good measure, here’s a preview of Compromised:

“Agent Mifune.”

Danny Mifune started toward his boss Lou Ochre. He could see the corpse just behind Lou, bloodied and mangled. The body had been run over by a car after death like so much road kill. The gunshots actually killed him. Once Danny learned the victim’s identity, he knew why they had been called. The victim was a government informant infiltrated in a notorious gang. That might have also explained his death. It was now Danny’s job to find out.

“He had to have been dead for nearly three hours before it was called in. Young woman who finally did was panicked because she didn’t even see him until after she rolled over him.”

“Where is she?” Danny asked.

“Over there talking to Liz. Girl was starting to turn green in the face – I think,” Lou said.

Danny visually sought out Liz. She was speaking with a woman, but he could not make out her face, only a delicate profile. He immediately liked it. He caught himself silently alarmed to look at a witness as something other than someone to get him through his case. He began to approach them so that he might have a word with this woman who accidentally drove over a dead body. Maybe this would be more interesting than anything else he had dealt with lately. The witness raised her head. Danny saw the full side of her face. He stopped dead in his tracks.

Time, his breathing, his heart – they all seemed to stop. He knew it could not be her. What was she doing here? He had to leave before she saw him. He tried to quickly and quietly turn away.


His name escaped her lips before she could stop it. She had not intended to call to him, but she was so surprised to see him there. She had no idea the Bureau had been called in to investigate the poor guy she had the misfortune to run over. This could not be good.

“You two know each other?” Liz asked.

“No!” Lisa said anxiously. “Ummm, no, not really. Is this it? Can I go now?”

Lisa sensed a change in Liz’s attitude suddenly. “Well we may have…”

“Liz,” Danny interrupted. “I think we can let her go.”

“But we may have…”

“It’s already been established he was dead before she came around. What are you going to hold her on?”

Liz narrowed her eyes and lowered her voice. “Just because you’re a Fed doesn’t mean you automatically take over these things.”

“In this case it does. This is our guy. That’s why we were called.”

Lisa watched as Liz backed down. She glanced at Lisa, giving her an evaluative once over. Liz then turned her attention back to Danny and shrank away when she read his look telling her to go away. Lisa and Danny gazed at each other not speaking. Lisa finally turned to go back to her car.

“I should go now.”

“Are you okay?”

“I’m fine. Like you said, he was already dead before I got to him. What are they going to do? Charge me with killing a dead guy?”

She smiled weakly at her bad joke. She turned from Danny’s concerned stare. She hated when he looked at her that way. That look melted her on more than one occasion. He had stepped closer to her. She could smell his cologne.

“Why don’t we go somewhere and talk. You seem upset.”

“Oh, I’m really tired. I should just go get some sleep. Maybe later, okay?”

He reached out to place a hand on her shoulder, but she moved away from his touch. He made no move to push it. He let her get into her car and drive away.


Danny walked to his car and sat behind the wheel. Lisa was back in town. His mind was no longer on the dead man lying a few feet away from his car. He could only see Lisa’s face. It was just as he pictured it every day and every night since the last time he saw her.

He snapped out of his reverie as Liz knocked on his window. She leaned in when he rolled down the window.

“Why did she say she didn’t know you?”

“Because she believes it’s true,” he said with no hesitation. Liz knew then she would get no easy answer from him.

“You coming over later?” she asked invitingly.

Danny shook his head. He continued staring straight ahead as Liz backed away obviously angry with him. He finally started the ignition and began to drive. He had no idea of his destination. He simply needed to clear his head.

She must have stopped aging around 22. She must have gotten that from her mother, a woman Danny considered still a beauty after gray hair, a few wrinkles and shrinking an inch or two took all signs of youth from her. And here he thought that saying Lisa was so fond of was a joke: black don’t crack. Apparently that was true. She still had that same delicate face that was the color now called chocolate. He had wanted to touch that face again, feel her soft, smooth skin.

Danny envisioned her dark brown oval eyes that pierced him every time he looked into them. The small wide nose over her luscious lips made him both laugh and lust. When she had finally gotten used to kissing him, she gave them generously and passionately. He had never grown tired of them. He could taste one now.

Before he knew it, Danny was back in headquarters being greeted by his colleague Turner feigning anger. Shit! Turner had ridden in the car with him to the crime scene.

“What the hell happened to you, man!” Turner said, his smile betraying his true feelings. “I had to hitch a ride with Lou.”

“Sorry, man,” Danny said attempting to return his friend’s good humor. Unfortunately, Turner noticed Danny’s smile did not reach his eyes.

“Are you alright? You got a little weird after you spoke to that woman. Oh, I see!”

“See what?”

“You saw something else you wanted and Liz was right there. That’s why she got mad. I saw her.”

“No, that’s not it.” Turner was the only person Danny had told about Liz. He never really shared much else with anyone else. So his next statement came as a complete surprise to Turner.

“She’s not just some woman. She’s my wife.”


Why had she frozen like that? Her whole reason for this trip was to see him. Her accident must have left her discombobulated. Not enough that she could not see that he was involved with the cop she had spoken to. Lisa read her nonverbal message loud and clear: He’s mine!

He had looked about the same. His sleepy, bedroom eyes made her heart jackhammer exactly as it had the first time she noticed him looking at her that way. His golden brown face was still accented with a neatly trimmed goatee. His lips were still perpetually unsmiling, but he still seemed kind. Although they were covered, Lisa could still mentally picture his tattoos. She had spent so much time tracing her fingers around the ankh he had inked over his heart, a tribute to her. He still kept his hair short but it was thick. She had finally let her own brown tresses grow out and they fell just below her shoulders.

Lisa headed for the apartment she was renting during what she hoped was a short stay. She had never intended on coming back to town, but she had some unfinished business. When she arrived inside, Lisa went straight to the refrigerator and picked up a Yoo-hoo. She chugged it down then sat down in front of the television. She flipped through the channels but found nothing to hold her attention. She finally gave up, turned off the television and popped Angie Stone’s Mahogany Soul in the CD player. She realized she was hungry and decided to order takeout. Before she could dial the number of her favorite Chinese restaurant, her cell began to play Right Said Fred’s only but great hit “I’m Too Sexy.”

“Hey, Jocelyn.”

“Hey, girl. You knew I had to call to check in, see if you made it okay.”

Lisa sighed heavily. “It’s already been a hell of a day.”

“I saw on the news they found a dead body down there where you are because somebody ran over him with a car. Did you hear about that yet?”

“First hand. I’m the one who ran him over.”

“Fuck me! You didn’t! How the hell did you do that?”

“I guess it’s a bit of an understatement to say I was a bit distracted. I didn’t see a dead man lying in the middle of the road. My mind was elsewhere and next thing I know I think I hit this speedbump. It took me a while to get over it and I realized it wasn’t a speedbump. The really sad thing is he had been there a couple of hours already. People must have just driven right by and ignored him like so much garbage. That’s a damn shame.”

“They said something about it being connected to a gang thing.”

“Yeah, that’s what they said.”

“They called the Bureau in?”


“So then you’ve already seen him?”

Lisa took a deep breath. “Yes and no. He got called to the scene. I – I didn’t really talk to him though. I did see that he’s got another woman now.”

“What!” Jocelyn exclaimed. “And after all this time he still won’t…”

“Maybe he will this time,” Lisa interrupted. “If he’s got a woman he’s really into…”

“Why the hell did you ever marry him?”

“You’ve never met him. I know I’ve described him as aloof and detached, but he was never cruel and disrespectful to me. He really is a good man. Just not the one for me.”

“Well, let me know how it goes. I’ll see you in a few days.”

“All right. See you later, girl.”

Lisa disconnected and sat for a moment mulling over her situation. She had planned on looking him up tomorrow anyway to try to set up a meeting. Perhaps now that he already knew she was back, he would have time to consider it and not turn her down. He had refused to speak to her by phone these past few years. He had returned her letters unopened. They were long overdue for this talk.


Hope you guys liked it and look for the novella on its release date!


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