Hav Plenty & Medicine for Melancholy

I watched Hav Plenty years ago as part of my dissertation research. I saw Medicine for Melancholy a couple of months ago. Just goes to show that low/no budget + a black cast does not automatically mean no quality.

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As y’all know, I’m not big into romantic comedies. I tend to find them cliché. However, I do try to give black romantic films/romantic comedies a chance. I do think more black love stories need to be told.  A few days ago, I came across the old 1997 (1998?) film “Hav Plenty” on Netflix. The film was part of the big explosion of black movies in the 90’s (“Set It Off,” “Boyz in the Hood, “Just Another Girl On the IRT,” “Love Jones,”  “Soul Food,” etc.) Unlike the beloved romantic comedy “Love Jones,” Hav Plenty tends to be forgotten.

While I will always heart “Love Jones,” Hav Plenty is a more charming movie. It’s an indie film with an obvious low-budget. The film also tweaks the cliché love story line. Hav Plenty was written, produced and directed by Christopher Scott Cherot:

“Lee Plenty is an almost broke would-be…

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