Would You Like to Plan a Retrospective?

Dear Madison, Wisconsin, folks and those who know how to organize virtually:

At this time next year, I want to hold a retrospective on the 100th anniversary of the film Birth of a Nation. NO this is not a celebration but more of a reflection on the impact of the film in the film industry and in our society. My plan is to hold a series of panels and screenings to look at different representations of films and how images of blackness have changed and remained static since the release of this film.

My hope is to have black indie filmmakers take part in these panels and have the opportunity to talk about their own work as well. I also want us as audience members explore how seeing images like those in Birth of a Nation affects us and our perceptions of ourselves. I also would like some exploration into the overall cultural impact, but I do not want this to turn into an academic conference because I would like it to be more accessible than this.

I have tentative dates scheduled for the event as well as a schedule in how this can work out. What I need now is a committee willing to devote some time and energy to this project over the next year. If you have some experience working on symposia/conferences or if you have some interest in film or cultural studies, I would love to work with you. Of course, I also need people with connections to help with fundraising, recruiting panelists and getting the word out about the conference because people from all over the country or anywhere else in the world to come.

If you cannot become a part of the committee but would still like to help, I would appreciate that as well. I should disclose that although I have worked on committees and executive boards before, I have not ever planned my own event on this scale, but this is a subject near and dear to my heart. I can send you my brief proposal if you are interested. Also, please get this out to anyone who may be interested in this. Thanx so much for reading this and thanx in advance for your help.