The myth of "Fast Black Girls" [TW: Rape]

Michonne Micheaux

ImageAfter yet another wave of rage-inducing sexually suggestive jokes about Black baby girls, R. Kelly is slithering his way across a stage on prime time TV once more. Ridiculous! #OpenSeasonOnBlackGirlsIsOver. I get bodily ill over people constantly sexualizing little girls with slick predatory comments about “sluts in training” and “THOTlers” (That Hoe Over There). There is no shortage of people whose language & actions demonstrate they think nothing of Black women and couldn’t care less about protecting little Black girls. 

Proof of this socialized apathy is embodied in the public appearances of R. Kelly. After his tasteless performance with Lady Gaga singing to “do what you want with my body” while her childhood pictures are displayed in the background, my timeline turned into a spontaneous support group. Multiple accounts, from various years, sources, and regions, about adult R. Kelly lingering outside high schools, flirting with teenagers and worse. 

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