Aprina Paul Update: Former Burglary Accomplice Says Nathan Middleton “Talked of Wanting to Kill People”

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This just came in about an hour ago.

Apparently, the authorities are not half-stepping in the least.  They just didn’t want to tip their hands.  They suspect Middleton of murder one.  Court documents filed in Rock County indicate that police gathered over 100 pieces of evidence at the home of Nathan Middleton, 12016 West Highway 14, in Porter, WI where Aprina Paul died.  These include a baggie of marijuana and many far more gruesome articles.  Read on:

An affidavit for a search warrant for the property states authorities suspect the man renting the home, 29-year old Nathan Middleton, of first degree intentional homicide.

Authorities say Middleton has told detectives Paul answered his online ad seeking sex, and after taking Paul to his home, they had sex and used drugs, and Middleton discovered Paul unresponsive the next morning. Authorities say Middleton said he burned Paul’s body in a burn…

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