Wait a Minute, Sis: My Response to Michaela Angela Davis


One of the last classes I had in undergrad was a feminism course taught by what I figured was a new-age feminist. My professor didn’t believe in the burning of bras, nor did she believe in the exclusion of women of color in the movement. She covered literature and articles in the  canon with a zest I found appealing — especially for a white woman. During my time in college, I became disenchanted with the way many white women co-opted the movement. Had I no prior knowledge of it, these white women would have led me to believe that fempatseyinism started with Mary Wollestonecraft’s “A Vindication of the Rights of Women”, Gloria Steinem is welcoming to all, and Judith Butler is simply everything. My fascination and adoration of said professor soon ended, however, when she made a point that white women and Black women were almost equally powerless in…

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