Everyone Enjoy Your Racist Halloween Costumes Tonight!

Thought Catalog

This isn’t a plea for you to stop wearing racist costumes. This isn’t an explanation of how a culture is not a costume. This isn’t even an attempt to talk you out of justifying those things for yourself or for other people. This is an acknowledgment of reality. You don’t decide to wear blackface, Pocahottie costumes, cheap imitation war bonnets, or dress up as Mexican gardeners, Asian geishas, or whatever stereotype because you think they’re harmless. You’ve been told that war bonnets are sacred, that Day of The Dead isn’t Halloween, and that these things are unacceptable. You just don’t care.

You know it’s offensive, and you think offending people is funny. There are 9,726,492,745,597,245 articles detailing the ways in which blackface carries a long global history of dehumanizing black people, 9,755,656 articles on the sexual violence faced by NDN women (largely at the hands of white men), and any…

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