Making Fun Of White Women Is Not A Feminist Issue, So Stop Making It Out To Be


Thought Catalog

This post was taken directly from Chelsea Fagan’s Blog, unedited.

Okay, now it’s time for a rant because I’ve been off Tumblr for a while and haven’t really been keeping up with what’s going on these days. Excuse the language/anger, but this shit really boils my blood.

So I’ve noticed several postscomeacross my dash about how we need to stop “white girl shaming” and makingfun of white women because they like things like Starbucks, pumpkins, and Pinterest. People are presenting it as though it’s a proxy for misogynists to make fun of all women and yet do it in an “acceptable way,” and acting as though it’s a really harmful thing to be doing to young white women on this website and we should all feel bad about it.

Now, I joke a lot about my white girl interests. Gawker even used me as their reference —…

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