C1rca Spotlight| Evelyn Kalubi

You go, Evelyn!

C1rca 1964

Every once in a while, one stumbles upon a visual piece of work that leaves you wanting to know about it’s creator  and whether their personal experiences inspired their work. Zambian-Congolese visual artist Evelyn Kalubi states that ““I am inspired by color and form primarily. I also have a great focus on politics, racial identity, sexuality and fantasy in my work”.


” I  was born during the early 1980′s in Kitwe, a small city in northern Zambia located along the border to the Democratic Republic Congo.  My unique  African family has definitely affected my  understanding and perception on life, music, design, fashion and, of course, art.  Our family moved to Cincinnati, Ohio where I spent the early portions of my life.  Living in the United States proved to be a trying time for my family and myself.  It was during this time the pervading concept of understanding my identity…

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