I Know You Don’t Think A White Girl Made That Up

Ars Marginal


Say what you will about the film Bring It On, its commentary on cultural appropriation, racism, white privilege, white supremacy, the exploitation of black culture seems to be more relevant now than when the film was released 13 years ago.

A few examples among countless others:

Robin Thicke ripping off one of Marvin Gaye’s music and then suing the late singer’s estate (file that under fucked up shit only white folks would pull); Macklemore ripping off rapper/producer Le1F to make (oh you really believed a white boy came up with that all on his own, that’s cute) Same Song; the mockery of the Harlem Shake; no black artist receiving a VMA at this year’s MTV Music Awards, and we’re talking in categories like R&B, rap, hip hop, etc; And speaking of MTV Awards, we musn’t forget Miley Cyrus’s parody of a Twerk fiasco.

Yes it was a fiasco. What’s…

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