Sleepy Hollow: So Far, So Good

Warning! Spoilers Ahead!

Due to some unforeseen stomach issues, I missed most of the premier of Sleepy Hollow on Monday night. Last night, I played catch up and I must say my initial first impressions of the show have been confirmed. I am definitely here for this show.

Like a lot of other black women, the multicultural casting with a black woman in the lead piqued my interest. I don’t know much of Nicole Beharie’s work, but I tend to support black women in media and I wanted to see how her character would develop. Abbie Mills has her own character arc (if I’m using that term correctly) and her life is not wholly contingent upon Ichabod Crane’s. However, I like that she is trying to accept that she and Ichabod are connected by this incident that happened to her when she was a girl.

This is the other thing that excites me about Abbie’s character. She has a connection to the unexplainable occurrences that have plagued Sleepy Hollow since the late 1700s. I wonder if she will find more in her family history that connects her to this mysterious figure she saw when she was a child. I know from the previews that we will find out more about how her sister responded to the situation as she has been in and out of mental institutions since the incident, but I really want to know about Abbie’s development in the meantime.

Of course, I’m invested in other characters on the show. I like Ichabod Crane’s connection to the witch hunts through his wife and the blood connection to the Headless Horseman. In a way, this helps the story make sense. The show does not merely explain Crane’s and the Horseman’s appearance through a time warp or something else convenient. All these elements have a great chance at coming together and providing a coherent but bound storyline.

I was, however, disappointed to see that John Cho’s Andy Dunn won’t be part of the regular cast. I’m hoping that he will appear in flashback along with Clancy Brown so that Abbie can piece together the mystery with Icabod. If Cho does not return, I hope to see a few more brown faces throughout the run of the show who aren’t connected to Abbie by blood or other ties. I need to see more brown people throughout Sleepy Hollow outside of the police department.

Which brings me to Orlando Jones. Right now, I think he’s doing a fair job as the police chief Frank Irving. Yes, I realize his last name is Irving and I think that’s intentional. However, like Cho, Jones is one of those actors I underestimated because I associate him with comedy. But Jones’ Frank Irving already seems to have a little something to hide. I believe we will have to watch him closely to find out where his alliances truly lie.

Overall, I think Sleepy Hollow has the chance to be the breakout show of this season. I haven’t watched television serially in a long time, but it looks like I’ll be tuning in for this one every Monday night.