43 Years Ago Today…

… my past life husband passed away. I began listening to Jimi while I was in college when I realized I liked the electric guitar. Like a lot of artists I’m trying for the first time, I started with a Best of or Greatest Hits collections. I suddenly found something that made sense. I now own all the music released during his life and First Rays of the New Rising Sun as well as a few other collections such as his blues recordings and his performance at Woodstock. Yes, I went through an entire phase when I had to have everything to do with Jimi. I hope to someday own a copy of Electric Ladyland on vinyl. I sometimes go back to his music when I need a release and marvel at the man’s genius and insight. Now that I’m in my 30’s, it’s even more amazing to me that he had so much talent as a young man in his 20’s. His name belongs in the same breath as anyone we consider to be a great composer and his contributions and influence on music cannot be understated. So today, I’ll celebrate the life of my fellow Sag. R.I.P. Jimi.

I can’t go with the live 1967 performance here because it cuts out his guitar solo 😦