Do NOT Take Megabus!

I first have to admit that my first day’s ride with Megabus was not that bad. I decided to try the company when I needed to make an emergency trip home to see my grandmother, so I would never complain as long as I got home. I made it to Chicago in the middle of the night and the driver made a point of telling me to get inside Union Station, get something to eat and stay safe. The next connection to Memphis came about half an hour late, but that was no big deal either.

I stayed home for a couple of days then prepared to make a 10 a.m. trip from Memphis. I must say that I live half an hour away from Memphis when I’m in Tennessee and I don’t drive, so getting me to and from the city takes some doing from my incredible family. However, this morning, the bus decided to arrive an hour and a half late. A bus meant to come at 10 in the morning arrived at 11:30.

In the meantime, I and other passengers called Megabus’ customer service. I kept getting an agent named Ashley who didn’t seem to know anything. She would only tell me to call back later. The last time I spoke to her shortly before 11, I demanded to speak with her manager or supervisor. She absolutely refused to put anyone else on the phone and stuck with her script. Then she hung up on me. Of course, I am still seething about that. On top of that, another woman was told we would have to wait for the 10 p.m. bus and re-pay the fare after we had already paid.

Even though the bus eventually did come, I knew I wouldn’t make it back to Chicago in order to make my connection to Madison. The bus arrived 15 minutes late, so I missed the connection. I was told another bus would come at midnight, but this line would not take me to the stop as the other bus should have. Still, the drivers let me on the bus since it was Megabus’ fault I missed my connection. I made it to Madison at three in the morning. I was nearly 10 miles away from home, so I had to call a cab to get home.

The next day, I contacted Megabus through its website because I am supposed to receive a reimbursement for this disastrous trip. I have yet to hear from Megabus on this issue. Of course, I will write back and remind this company that they owe me money for shitty service and a rude customer service representative. (Yes, Ashley, I’m talking about you.) The only saving grace of this company is the drivers who are friendly, professional and efficient. Too bad they work for such an inefficient company. Seriously, in this day and age, how do you at least not have walkie talkies to stay connected to dispatchers?

All of this is to say NEVER take Megabus if you don’t have to. They may have seriously cheap rates, but it was so not worth the long day I had worrying about whether I would get home or stay stranded in Chicago. I’m not giving up on contacting someone at the company and I’d better receive a refund for this atrocious trip.