Octavia Butler’s Message to the Grassroots – COLORLINES

Using fiction as source material isn’t new. For decades, conservative activists have cited the influence of Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged,” the 1958 novel about a dystopian United States bereft of its most economically productive citizens. But “Octavia’s Brood” is not only drawing its own lessons from Butler’s work, but using that work to encourage people to create their own. “Her books present situations that we’re actually dealing with or may be called upon to deal with in an allegorical way,” says Kat Aaron, a journalist who writes about poverty and has co-hosted to workshops with Brown. “From gentrification to a failing economy, I think people are dealing with really hard choices in their current reality and her books allow you to think through those experiences.”

via Octavia Butler’s Message to the Grassroots – COLORLINES.