Book list for black girls: promoting self-love and empowering young black women

“As an advocate and lover of social media , I’d forgotten that waking up to images of black women with natural hair; tweets from Nigerian lesbians; and articles by Afrofeminist writers is not the norm – it is a world that I have constructed in order to survive and heal from the multiple oppressions I face as a black lesbian woman.”

Media Diversified

by Christina Fonthes [twitter-follow screen_name=’CongoMuse’]

It is 2014; Nicola Adams is the first (black, lesbian) woman to win an Olympic boxing Gold medal. Michelle Obama is the first black woman to occupy the White House. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Joyce Banda are Africa’s first women Presidents. Malorie Blackman is Britain’s first black, Children’s Laureate. Hope Powell is the first ever black person to manage an England side. Yet, despite these feats by black women, my eleven-year-old sister still thinks that her skin is too dark and that her hair isn’t “nice” enough.

yolo_logoMy sister is a typical inner city kid; she can send a BBM faster than any audio typist, her Facebook and Instagram are constantly being updated with ‘high-angleselfies’  and she knows ALL of Beyoncé’s dance routines. As a child of the digital age, she is constantly exposed to the YOLO culture. For those who aren’t…

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