This Is the End: Reflections on #31WriteNow

Like many others today, I’ll be sharing my reflections on #31WriteNow. I only restarted my blog about a couple of weeks before the challenge. Overall, this has been a great experience. I never really felt pressured to write anything, but I did worry that I might put off a few with my randomness. However, I’ve gotten some very good feedback. In fact, my favorite comment was on my Donnie post in which a sister told me she actually did “the big chop” while listening to “Cloud 9.” How awesome is that!

Of course, there are a few things I would do over and I have come away with a few lessons after this experience. Before I get into it, I would like to thank Luvvie for the idea and for presenting such a fun and productive blogging challenge.

Writing About Social Issues
One thing I learned from this project is I would like to write more about social issues. However, as I engage on Twitter and other social media platforms, I find others who express themselves more eloquently with more nuanced discussions on these things. Not only do I feel inadequate sometimes with these issues, but I also feel a little late to the game. Furthermore, I feel like I would only be using someone else’s words.

Writing Fast
I also learned that I can write “fast” in some capacity. I still like to write out longhand, which is why it’s taking me so long to even finish a draft of the novel I’m writing. However, I have found that I am capable of sitting in front of a computer screen and writing a coherent post in a matter of minutes. This exercise has been good for me because I am training myself to write both ways.

Lots of Good Blogs
Of course, I have also discovered a lot of really good blogs through this tag. I also found that many people, like me, write about themselves and that it’s okay. Everyone has his or her own way of seeing things, so I enjoyed seeing so many points of view about so many facets of life. I’m still having trouble deciding how personal I should get because I notice there are crickets on posts that get a bit too deep and personal. I’m still trying to figure out comfort zones for myself and for readers, so this has been a learning process.

Everyone Loves Gina Torres
Yes, my Gina Torres love got some of the most responses and I couldn’t be happier! Seriously, a friend has already suggested I make my petition for a Wonder Woman movie, but I just may have to make one to get Gina Torres as Wonder Woman. Who’s with me!

Challenging Myself More
While I may not write original posts every day, I still hope to challenge myself to write more about the things that concern me even if they are considered “controversial.” I fear getting too safe and complacent because I like to think I still have some fight in me. It’s difficult to integrate serious issues into the blog because I always end up writing about myself and I don’t want to make someone else’s issues about me. Perhaps I will learn how to walk this line and I’m still headed for it.

Overall, I’m glad I took part in the #31WriteNow challenge. I hope I picked up some new and loyal readers. I won’t be bombarding you with boring details of my life every day, but I hope you have enjoyed some of the posts I’ve written so far. I also hope I don’t disappoint any of you in the future.

Yeah, I’m going to leave you with a little more Gina Torres here, so enjoy.