It’s a Year Since Israel’s Anti-African pogroms. What Now?

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by Robert Kazandjian, Ali Hocine Dimerdji and Samantha Asumadu

Thursday, May 23, 2013, marked exactly one year to the day when a thousand Jewish Israelis ran rampant through the streets of Tel Aviv, smashing and looting African-operated businesses and physically assaulting any dark-skinned person they came across. Sadly, the Israeli economic, political and religious establishment – who were in large measure responsible for the pogrom – did not respond by working to quash the racism, but rather ramped up their efforts to expel all non-Jewish African people from the country.”  David Sheen

The article below was originally published in Ceasefire Magazine last year. @Ceasefire_Mag is a quarterly cultural and political publication, concerned with producing high-quality journalism, review and analysis.

A mob sets fire to garbage while singing “The people want the Africans to be burned” after a protest against African refugees and asylum seekers in Tel Aviv’s southern Hatikva…

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