Asians are the Wedge #NotYourFetish

“The model minority myth is rooted in the backlash against the Black civil rights struggle. When Federal legislation resulted in programs like Affirmative Action, the media abruptly pivoted from Asians as sneaky foreigners to the model minority stereotype. The myth served the purpose of isolating African Americans in particular, and provided cover to those using coded racism to attack social programs and civil rights gains. The myth allows conservative policy makers to characterize these gains as dependency breeding crutches.”

Media Diversified

The model minority myth is just that, a myth.

by Scot Nakagawa

On the Sunday before Memorial Day 2012, I tuned in to MSNBC to watchMelissa Harris-Perrylead a discussion about Asian American voters. The show started out with some promise. But as it progressed, I found myself descending into a rant. By the end, I was full-on pissed. For all of the good intentions, one subtle but unbroken thread ran through the discussion – Asian Americans are the model minority.

In response to the relative absence of Asian American stars in Democratic Party politics, panelistWilliam Schneidersaid,

“…they have not relied on politics to get ahead as many other disadvantaged groups have…”

So how is it that we supposedly got ahead? Schneider used the example of another panelist, comedianMargaret Cho, citing her “talent and determination” as the ingredients of her success. He also talked about…

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