College applicant told charter school diploma is worthless

I have no words.

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Students are the ones returning to the classroom this fall, but with so many schools to choose from, its parents who need to do their homework.

Charter schools, vouchers schools, and online schools aren’t all the s100_0018ame – and they often don’t even have to meet the same educational requirements to operate.

After his daughter recently tried to get into college, David Sheriff, a dad of two, says he understands the ongoing concern about quality control in non-traditional schools.

He chose a charter school for his girls, who were struggling with learning disabilities. He wanted them to go to a school with small classrooms, so they could get a lot of teacher attention.

“We went to the school to meet with the principal and some of the teachers when they had their open house,” he says. They thought the school, the Wisconsin Career Academy…

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