17 Things Only Theatre Kids Will Understand

I’ve never been a theatre kid, but I do enjoy watching a good stage show every once in a while… and backstage shenanigans 😉

Thought Catalog

1. It’s theatre. Not theater. That’s first of all.

2. Warm honey tea and no dairy and call time is at 5 so rest your voice because you sound like you’re developing nodes.

3. You’ve seen Wicked at least twice, and if not, Defying Gravity got you through your middle school crisis.

4. You have character shoes and someone once told you to line your nose with eyeliner to make it pop on stage but you kind of refused and you know the soul-crushing meaning of “ripped fishnets” and none of this is exclusive to the girls (s/o to the Rocky people).

5. You’d brag to your other friends about how late you had to stay after school for rehearsals and how absolutely exhausting theatre is and the chaos that is backstage and all of the reasons you were robbed from that lead role.

6. Putting on a performance was…

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