Kamau Mshale flies with Captain Kacela


Captain Kacela

Kamau Mshale is the creator, illustrator and writer of the indie comic book series Captain Kacela Universal Ranger. Mshale is based in Philadelphia. He launched the comic in 2009. I met Kamau at the Wizard World Comic Con Chicago in August 2013.

Ytasha: When did you begin creating images and stories with black characters in the future?

Kamau: I’m a big sci-fi fan, so I’ve always drawn futuristic images of black people. But I really got into it with this book Kacela. The book is about brown people in space.

Ytasha: You used quite a bit of African imagery in the book

Kamau: Yes, I used a lot of African imagery. I gave Kacela these glowing bands after seeing some arm bands on people on Kenyan. I gave her a lot of symbolism from the Adinkra and the Akan people. I wanted to hint a bit at the…

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