On Being an Author

Life & Times of StacyAustralia

In this process of pursuing my dreams of becoming a full time author I’ve learned and realized a lot. Maybe some of this insight can be helpful to other aspiring authors.

1. I’m literally a struggling artist. I learned even as a struggling artist there are still ways to promote your book. Last night, I hosted a virtual book release party via FB. Even though it wasn’t many participants I’m very appreciative. It was an interesting event. I posted pictures, videos and asked questions. All the participants were people I knew personally and I appreciate their support. Other ways I’ve promoted my book is by scheduled tweets and FB posts. People are very kind because they retweet or share.

2. Writing is hard work, being an author is hard work. It’s not easy sitting in a chair and writing. I have so many unfinished projects. I don’t feel they’re good…

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