The Crazy Book Lady

Yesterday I decided to go for a walk since I had no work and I wanted to see if my characters would come back to talk to me if I treated them to a little Sly and the Family Stone. It actually did work to some extent. However, on my way back from my walk, I intentionally walked by three of the Little Free Libraries found all around town here. While I tend to take lots of books from the libraries, I tend not to put any back. I have so many books lying around my house now that I halfway expect to find them jumping on my bed one morning demanding to be fed.

I knew I had a problem yesterday when I actually went back to one of the libraries to get three books from a series that should not be named. Okay I’ll name it: there were three books from the Twilight series there. I have no intentions of actually reading these books, but I could not resist picking them up. They have some of the most beautiful black hardcover designs I have ever seen. Seriously, they are so pretty to look at. I also wanted to do a rough estimate on a word count to see how long commercial books tend to be these days.

I mentioned on Facebook a few months ago that I was becoming the book equivalent of a crazy cat lady. I see more of that all the time now. I have so many books sitting in my living room that I will only get through them all if I read 24 hours a day for the next year. But sometimes I just can’t help it when I pick up a book.

Some of them are the “classics” from the dead white males like J.R.R. Tolkien I never got to read. I would also have to admit to racially profiling names in order to find works by people of color. This has worked out a couple of times. I found a couple of hidden treasures as well as a few other works by more well-known writers of color like Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Amy Tan and Kazuo Ishiguro. Then I’ve found books I just could not put down like Junot Diaz’s The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao. (This book will never go back to one of those libraries and I already put my stamp in it.)

However, I know I may be a bit overzealous when I pick up books I already read just because I can’t stand to think of them languishing in one of those libraries. I’ve picked up books by Audre Lorde and Zora Neale Hurston that I’ve already read because I didn’t have those books in the editions I found them in the library. But can you ever have enough copies of Zami: A New Spelling of My Name?

I read much more slowly these days since I spend lots of time looking for work and worrying about looking for work. But getting back outside and giving myself a reason to set more goals as far as reading is concerned has indirectly helped me get back into my fiction writing. I’ve submitted to at least three places these past two weeks and I had all kinds of ideas brewing about my novel this morning. So I guess I won’t worry about being a Crazy Book Lady – that is until those books really do start mewing and demanding to be fed.


2 thoughts on “The Crazy Book Lady

  1. You sound like me. I call myself a “book hoarder.” I get daily emails of free and cheap books. Even if it’s not a book I want to read I’ll still download it or buy it because it’s cheap. Next month my goal is to spend more time re-reading the classics especially AA women.

  2. I don’t even have a Kindle, Nook or any other e-reader, but I have HUNDREDS of books downloaded from Kindle. I see “free” and I can’t resist. I’ve also downloaded books I’ve already read because they were free or by women of color I love. I just can’t help myself!

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