Feminism can’t be just for white women – Salon.com

Because for most of us, intersectionality isn’t a buzzword or a catchphrase. It’s our life. When Quvenzhane Wallis was insulted by The Onion, brown feminists were told by their white allies to take the joke  or reclaim the word used to insult a nine year-old girl. Others, as Clutch writer Kirsten West Savali pointed out, chose to remain silent. When George Zimmerman was freed by five white women, many white feminist allies still chose to remain silent. Our stories are ignored or half-told or erased completely. (A perfunctory Google search about the hashtag will yield several stories from sites like Jezebel and Al-Jazeera where Kendall’s involvement has been minimized or glossed over — Jezebel has since edited the story to include Kendall’s contribution.) These aggressions–both micro and macro–along with a host of others, have made bridging the divide nearly impossible.

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