Switzerland Passes Racial Apartheid Laws

I’m going to pray for Tina Turner. She had to live through this shit growing up in Tennessee.

Scriptonite Daily


In recent weeks, I reported that Greece’s descent into Fascism has resulted in immigrants, LGBT and poor people facing mass arbitrary arrest, assault and imprisonment as government policy. However disquieting news now comes from Switzerland, as the government passes laws establishing an Apartheid system, segregating immigrant groups from public spaces and housing them in detention camps.  Why is Switzerland, and other European nations turning on their immigrants?

Et Tu Switzerland?


Switzerland is largely known for watches, army knives, tax avoidance and ski-ing.  The country is actually called the Swiss Confederation and is a federal parliamentary republic, more on the model of the US than many European states. The nation is bordered by Germany to the North, France to the West and Italy to the South and has a population of 8 million people.

According to the World Bank, Switzerland is the 6th richest nation by GDP per…

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