Blurred lines: Women’s search for goodness

And just to note, the song is dull as dirt. I don’t even get why anyone is saying it has a hot beat. A 12-year-old could have written this. Oh wait…



Robin Thicke is keenly aware to the hesitance of a potential female sexual partner to a male’s advances. Women are taught to be demure, coy and taught to deny sexual advances and yet be pretty and sexy enough to provoke them. In Thicke’s latest hit, “Blurred Lines” iterates to the woman that she is in fact a good girl. And although she “wants it”, she will, with the reassurance of Thicke, remain a good girl if she sleeps with him.

In Jamaica Kincaid’s “Girl”, she repeats what a mother tells her daughter about how to avoid becoming a slut. She shouldn’t dress a certain way, have a certain sensibility about boys. Kincaid echoes this sentiment in her novel Lucy. Lucy reveals that she hated her mother because while her mother trained her brothers to become doctors or lawyers, she writes: “I reminded her that my whole upbringing had been…

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