14 Things You Should Not Say To Black People

Sometimes we just need to give a reminder.

Thought Catalog


1. Can I Touch Your Hair?

When I had my Senegalese twists, which I worked for like two years, I can’t tell you how many people approached me being all, “Oh my that is so beautiful! Can I touch it?” Um, no. I don’t think I have ever in life asked to touch anybody’s hair. I know black hair is a source of wonder. It doesn’t always grow straight and there are thousands of things you can do to style it. But as the great NYC drag philosopher Demanda Darling says, “Honey. It’s called a look not a touch.”

2. Is That Your Real Hair?

Really? This is your top concern, your top curiosity, whether or not our hair is real? Come on. Can we get a little bit more creative with our questions of cultural exchange please? But see that’s why I like to call all hair weave…

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