In Praise of Gina Torres

Anyone who knows me knows that I completely love and adore Gina Torres. It was seriously love at first sight when I first saw her as Zoë Washburn on the already canceled series Firefly. I first caught the show on one of SyFy channel’s all day marathons. Not only was this woman drop dead gorgeous, but she was also married to Alan Tudyk. Seriously, this woman had everything I wanted.

Seeing Torres portray Zoë also awakened something in me. Zoë Washburn was one of those representations in popular culture that I didn’t realize I needed until it was right there in front of me. I don’t recall ever seeing a black woman as the primary female lead in a scifi series before that moment. She wasn’t just eye candy or a love interest for the male lead: she was a warrior. She fought alongside the guys and she went home to one who understood her value as a person.

Since that moment, I have become one of the many who show their appreciation for Torres in different ways. Every once in a while, there is a Gina Torres appreciation post on Tumblr and I absolutely love seeing photosets and gifs of her in her latest show Suits. Interestingly, I don’t remember her in the Matrix sequels, but then again I’ve tried very hard to forget those films exist. Still, she managed to become my woman crush as I got to know more about her and recognized her talents.

My own appreciation of Torres and her portrayal of Zoë manifested itself in the form of a web series I once did. As much as I loved Zoë, I wanted to imagine a version of her as her own person, still a warrior but not having to say “yes sir” to anyone. Instead, I put her in an alternate world and gave her dilemmas that I imagined would happen with a woman wanting to live her own life but getting pulled in just the same. I put her in the center of the story and let the narrative revolve around her.

I also still honestly have hopes of seeing Torres portray Wonder Woman or at least one incarnation of Storm. I know that hope is a long shot, but just imagine seeing her as a comic book icon. She already does voiceovers for characters such as Superwoman and Vixen, so why not let her embody the character on the big screen? And people, she so wants to be Wonder Woman!

It’s awesome to see Gina Torres in the world of scifi and fantasy. It would be even more awesome to see her as the leading lady of that genre with a portrayal of Wonder Woman. Seriously, why haven’t we seen this woman in the lead of a big budget blockbuster by now? Right now I have to enjoy the abundant body of work she has done with television and voiceovers, but I will hold out hope that we will see her in the role she was always meant to play.


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  1. Great piece on Ms. Torres. I first peeped her out in Cleopatra 2525. Been in love ever since. Very strong on screen presence. SHe voiced Wonder Woman she would be a great Amazonian Princess.

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