In and Out of the Game

One of the reasons I hesitated to restart the blog is because I tend to be a little behind in the world’s daily happenings. I love pop culture, but I’m not the first to know what’s going on behind the scenes. Also, there is a lot in the pop culture world that I’m just not really into. For instance, I watch probably only two or three network shows and tend not to enjoy what everyone else is watching. Furthermore, I don’t have cable or satellite and I don’t subscribe to Hulu Plus or NetFlix, so I’m always a little behind on shows I actually like such as The Walking Dead, Boardwalk Empire and Archer. By the time I get into them, the conversation is already over.

Not surprisingly, this presents a problem for me. I was just able to see Pacific Rim in a first run theater because I managed to get a free pass. However, this still means I did not contribute to the ever-important first weekend box office numbers. This is actually a very big deal for me as someone who likes to support POC whenever I can, especially those who are trying to tell our stories from a different perspective and put us front and center of the narrative. Overall, I enjoyed the film and will probably see it again in the second run theater, but there were also many elements to the film I found problematic. The Tumblr communities I follow addressed some of them, so I don’t feel I should repeat them.

With this in mind, I often wonder if I am being relevant in the content I write. I’m just now catching up on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine even though it debuted 20 years ago. I’m seeing why it was such an important show with so much of a black male presence leading a sci-fi show. Yet, I think anything I can say about the show must have already been said and probably much more eloquently. I waited until the entire season of Elementary was over before I actually watched that as well. The only show I’m looking forward to this upcoming season is Sleepy Hollow.

Also, Comic Con just happened over the weekend. I found that I was just not as excited about it as others in nerd communities. I know this is supposed to be the be-all and end-all of all conventions, but who has the money and resources to go there? Furthermore, I sometimes hear horror stories of the sexism and harassment many of the women who attend face and why would I subject myself to that, especially as a black woman? Part of this goes back to the point I frequently make about being the broke geek unable to consume media and follow passions because of a lack of resources.

The problem comes because I want to have substantial content on the blog, but I also know that bloggers have to be consistent with output. Old news is no fun for anyone. However, when I take a liking to something, I latch on to it and take an interest in every aspect of it. Years ago, I would have been thrilled to find someone else who was a fan of all my loves, but these days, I seem irrelevant compared with those who enjoy films they knew were book series and comics long before the film. As much as I like being connected via the Internet, it also causes things to move more quickly and I sometimes just can’t keep up.

I would love to stay in the loop, but sometimes it takes a little time and resources I simply do not have right now. I’m not sure if anyone would like my little retrospectives on everything I used to love years ago and what I’m still discovering. For now, I have to take some comfort in the fact that the blog is very useful to me personally. Writing has always been my refuge and my therapy, so putting my thoughts out into the cosmos helps me cope with the realities of being the broke geek and getting on track to reaching short and long term goals.

Furthermore, the blog encourages me to keep searching for new things to enjoy, to explore areas I may not have explored if I didn’t want something to write about. I love this learning process and never want it to end. For now, I’ll stay in the game as much as I possibly can and try not to lament those times when I fall out. I can stay on this journey and take a few passengers along for the ride.