Why the Blog, Why Now?

I have actually been thinking about starting up the blog for quite some time now. I have my own website, but a website and a blog are two completely different things. After taking some time to get to know the WordPress format a bit, I felt I could go ahead and begin developing a blog. Of course, I had some reservations and I shared them on Tumblr a couple of weeks ago:

1. Cost
Of course, the first thing that always comes up when thinking about can I really do this blog is the cost of maintaining it. I have no funds to buy a domain name, which means I won’t get all the bells and whistles I tend to like in other blogs and think would actually make mine worth visiting. I know some people stay very, very far away from sources that are a subdomain, so I hesitate to do a blog that does not have my very own domain.

2. Time
Interestingly, I’m only employed part time and part of the year with a low-paying job, which means I don’t actually have as much time as one would think to devote to a blog. Either I’m trying to find work or trying to do the job(s) I have in order to make sure rent and bills are paid for the month. It’s not fun. I would much rather be devoting my time to my indie scholarship, but I’m actually terrified of what happens when the day comes I actually cannot meet financial obligations. So time I could be spending on making content on the blog is actually spent trying not to panic and unfreeze myself.

3. Focus
I have so many interests and so many things that I want to write about. Not all of it is related to anything else. I know that a blog has to have a focus, but I may want to write about my love for 60s pop culture one day and talk about food the next. I try to think about how I can make that all fit into one blog, one brand that says who I am. I have an idea, but I have to see if I can make it work.

4. Content
Content is also something I think about a lot. Focus is one thing, but I also know that I sometimes like to discuss things beyond the surface. It seems that the blogs that tend to get the most attention are those that lean more toward the “positive” and stay away from topics that tend to be controversial or at least they do not explore these topics with any great depth. I enjoy upliftment and stanning for black women, but sometimes you have to acknowledge the thunderstorm that resulted in the rainbow. That may scare away a few, but then again, there may be others who welcome it.

5. Life
Face it. I’m not a very social person and I can only get out to do things every once in a while. (Having no money sucks in terms of trying to have a personal life if you haven’t figured that out.) I don’t know if I have anything interesting enough to keep people coming back to the blog. I tend to talk about myself most of the time because I’m what I know best. What I try to figure out is how to make that translate into something others might want to read about. More importantly, how can I translate that into the career and kind of life I want?

With these kinds of reservations, why did I go ahead and begin posting on the blog? Well, like I end up doing lots of things, this actually turned out to be an accident. I was trying to test the waters of my pages and found that posts are different from pages. This means I did not build an audience or any type of anticipation before I began to post. These types of things happen to me a lot because I tend to jump in all at once when I actually intend to just dip in my toe. I try to take it as all a part of learning.

However, I do not have any regrets right now. Over the past couple of years, my web presence has begun to expand, albeit slowly. I love so many people I have connected with and feel it is definitely time to add my voice to theirs and create dialogue with them rather than simply listen in on the conversation. I try not to be redundant and go over issues so many have already explored. This is part of the reason I usually stick to writing about myself. I do think about what goes on in the rest of the world, but by the time I articulate my thoughts, someone else has already stated them more eloquently on Twitter or Tumblr. Also, my thoughts are usually irrelevant by then.

Still, since I have thought so much about writing my own blog for so long, I feel I should just go ahead and do it. Maybe it will reach someone who needs it. Or maybe someone will just find it an enjoyable way to spend a few minutes each day. All of this is just a long winded way to say, “Welcome to my blog!”